Chinese Pig Year

Chinese Pig Year starts 5 Feb.
A Pig Year is a good year. We welcome you join us to celebrate, wish lots of good luck, meet nice people and enjoy healthy food.
Of course Your family members and friends are welcome!
When & Where: 12:00 - 14:30 on Sunday, 3 Feb. 2019 at Le Zai Chinese Restaurant (273 Route D'Arlon, L-8011 Strassen, Luxembourg)

Fee: 38.80€ per person, not including the drinking. 

*Please register on line and pay the fee to MedChine account before 18:00, on Friday, 1 Feb. 2019

Beneficiary Bank: BCEE
Beneficiary name: MedChine asbl
Iban Number: LU40 0019 3655 2323 5000

Special 2019 Chinese New Year Menu:
1/ Winter Hu La Soup
2/ Good Fortune Platter: 
Marinated beef, Chinese style fish, sweet and sour small ribs, salad
3/ Main dishes
1* Sichuan pepper veal
2* Double-flavored chicken leg
3* Health seafood mixture
Corn shoots, asparagus, shrimp, squid
4*  Colorful treasures
Dutch bean, lotus root, fungus, mushroom, red pepper, Chinese yam, Gouji berry
5* Steam fish (Chinese mean: Nian nian you Yu; English mean: healthier and wealthier year after year)
4/ Dessert
Happy Family: Fried rice ball and fruit
5/ Green Tea or coffee

MedChine unavailability of Location


Dear MedChine members,
Due to unavailability of location, we have to suspend our activities temporarily until further notice.
If you need any assistance, contact us by email:  or call: 621 59 11 57,  621 528 668
Sorry for any inconvenience!
MedChine Team

Three-Fu Paste Therapy - “Summer Treatments for Winter Diseases”


2018 3-fu Past Therapy will start 12 July - 20 August.

If you would like to participate it, please contact us to make 3 appointments.

Tel: 621 59 11 57

More Informations HERE.




Christine will have Twins!

A total of 26 (24+2) babies were born or will be born with the great help of our excellent  TCM experts!

Clinical tests prove, with VIF only, the success rate is 25%, with acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the success rate can be increased to 85%.

Chinese delegation visited Luxembourg 1 to 3 September 2016.


Professor Jianzhong MA, vice commissioner of SATCM leaded a Chinese delegation visited Luxembourg 1 to 3 September 2016. On the 2 September, they visited MedChine ASBL.

Chinese Medicine and Culture

0 offers a free course about Chinese Medicine and Culture from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Prof. 彭 崇胜.

The course is in Chinese, some content has english subtitles, but most doesn’t. There are Chinese subtitles though.

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