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Appointments, Parking and new Course

Dear MedChine Members and subscribers.

Please find here some informations about a new course, the new online appointment system and also the parking slots for MedChine.


On Line Appointment Request

MedChine has a new online appointment system. You can find it here:

We would like to ask you to please use this page to set up an appointment, so that our doctor can concentrate on treatments!

MedChine Newsletter 04.06.2015

Welcome Prof. Dr. PENG Liang 2nd times visits MedChine a.s.b.l. in Luxembourg, June-September 2015

Chinese Medicine and Culture

0 offers a free course about Chinese Medicine and Culture from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Prof. 彭 崇胜.

The course is in Chinese, some content has english subtitles, but most doesn’t. There are Chinese subtitles though.

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