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Doctors work now on Saturday

Dear members and friends,

Happy New Year!

TCM Doctors work now on Saturdays

In order to provide better service for our members and friends, our TCM Doctors will start work on Saturdays. Please use MedChine on line system ( to choose your suitable date and time.

Qi Gong/Tai Chi course

Dr. GUO Anlin, Courses, Diabetes, Teas

Dr. GUO Anlin, Tuina (TCM Massage) specialist visits MedChine ASBL from 14 December to Middle of March 2016. He is happy to meet and help you!

Education Background:

  • Sept.2014 - Present postgraduate of Acupuncture and Tuina, Hunan University of TCM;
  • Sept.2009 - Jun.2014 Undergraduates of Acupuncture and Tuina, Hunan University of TCM

Clinical Practice Experiences:

Dr. Zhou Yang, Black Rice, Bazar & ING Awards 2015


Dr. Zhou YANG visits MedChine asbl in Luxembourg from 26 November to end of Feb. 2016

Dr. Yang (M.D. PhD.) is a qualified TCM doctor and acupuncturist.
Sep. 2004 – July 2009 obtained the Bachelor of acupuncture & Tuina in Hunan University of TCM and practiced in the Hunan University Hospital.
Sep. 2009 – July 2012 received the Master of acupuncture & Tuina in Hunan University of TCM and practiced in the Hunan University Hospital.

MedChine ASBL 1st Bazaar


Dear member and friends,


If you are looking for a Gifts with Health Concepts this year,

please welcome to MedChine ASBL 1st Bazaar!


When: 2pm-8pm on 19 November

Where: -1 floor, 7, Rue Pierre Federspiel, L-1512 Luxembourg


You will find all kinds of Health Tea & Flower Tea Series, Ginseng products, and Winter Health products, Health Care products and more …..Surprise!


ING Solidarity Awards

ING Solidarity Awards - we need your vote!

Dear members and friends, every year ING organize public vote for the“ING Solidarity Awards”. Please go to below link, vote for MedChine ASBL, and thank you very much for your support!

Wuxingqi and Gouqi Berries

Health Qi Gong - Wuqinxi (five mimic-animal exercises)

The five-animal exercises created by the renowned physician Hua Tuo, in the eastern Han Dynasty (25-220). Hua Tuo devised the set of exercises to strengthen the physique, imitating the actions of the tiger, deer, bear, ape(monkey) and bird (crane).
This is an easy Qi Gong: easy to learn and easy to practise! Especially it is suitable for all kinds of group of people!

New Service - Tui Na Therapy


Tuina (also called traditional Chinese medical massage-TCM Massage), is a kind of external therapeutic method guided by traditional Chinese medical theories and approached by TCM doctors. In Tui Na massage, the muscles and tendons are massaged with the help of hands, and an acupressure technique is applied to directly affect the flow of Qi at different acupressure points of the body, thus facilitating the healing process. It removes the blockages and keeps the energy moving through the meridians as well as the muscles in order to prevent and cure illness.

Dr. Zhang (Tui Na Specialist), Acupuncture Course, Loss Weight Project, Moon Festival Dinner

Dr. Yukai ZHANG will visit MedChine asbl in Luxembourg from 17 September to 14 December

Dr. Zhang hold the Master Degree in acupuncture and Tuina Department of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine.

He trained and practiced in the First Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine and Yueyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for more than 4 years.

He is very good at the Tuina Massage and Cupping Management for maintain a good health and all sub-health conditions.

Doctors, Nutrition, Soft Fasting etc...

Farewell Dinner for Prof Dr PENG Liang

We want to say goodbye to our visiting TCM expert Professor Dr Peng Liang by organising a small dinner.

He finishes his 3- month tour in Luxembourg leaving next Monday.

At the same time we welcome our new visiting TCM expert Dr YU Juan.

When: Friday Evening 4 September 2015 at 18:30

Where: Restaurant Chinese New Confucius, 187, rue des Aubépines L-1145 Luxembourg.

Fee: 35 Euro per person, not including drinks.

Three-Fu Paste Therapy, Ba Duan Jin etc...



Three-Fu Paste Therapy, also called “Summer Treatments for Winter Diseases will start from 13 July to 13 August 2015! 

Never heard about Three-Fu Paste Therapy, please take a look: Health program.

This year 3-fu will be:

1st Fu: 13, 14, 15 July 2015


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