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Vote for MedChine ASBL, General Meeting


Dear members and friends,
Please vote for MedChine ASBL, your vote may help MedChine win this Awards which can let us help more people! Please forward this link to your friends of TCM Fan. We need all of your support !


2016 MedChine ASBL General Meeting

Vote / Bio Organic Black Rice / Farewell Dinner

ING Solidarity Awards - we need your vote!
Dear members and friends, every year ING organize public vote for the“ING Solidarity Awards”. Please go to below link, vote for MedChine ASBL, and thank you very much for your support!

Thai Bio-Organic Black Rice Arrived

Moon Festival Dinner & TCM Experts’ Advice

Welcome to join MedChine ASBL “Moon Festival Dinner”!

Listen to TCM experts’ advice: Health Care in Autumn-Winter;   Enjoy delicious healthy food and meet nice people...

When & Where: Thursday, 15 September 2016 at La Porte de L’orient (196, route dArlon, L-8010 Stassen). Parking are available!

-18:00-18:30 Health Care in Autumn-Winter

-18:45 Dinner

Chinese delegation visited Luxembourg 1 to 3 September 2016.


Professor Jianzhong MA, vice commissioner of SATCM leaded a Chinese delegation visited Luxembourg 1 to 3 September 2016. On the 2 September, they visited MedChine ASBL.

MedChine is looking for a New Place

MedChine ASBL is looking to rent a house in/around Luxembourg city.  The rent can be up to 3000Euro/month, our TCM Expert guests can help our members there and stay there.

If you or your friends know such a place, please contact us:

Thank you very much for your help and support!

New Drs: Prof. Dr. Liu, Dr. Deng, Farewell-Welcome Dinner and Health Gift Card


Prof. Dr. Liu Wei Ai and Dr. Deng Jianping will visit MedChine ASBL from August to November 2016

Prof. Dr. LIU Wei Ai   M.D. PhD
Chief physician, Department of Acupuncture-Encephalopathy, (The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of TCM), will visit Luxembourg from 5 August – early of November 2016

Three-fu Paste & Seminar

Dear members, dear friends,

Three-fu Paste Therapy start now until end of July 2016.

Please make appointment via on line appointment system: appointment---TCM Expert

Important Information: MedChine a.s.b.l. is moving!

All appointments "TCM Expert Appointment" and "Tuina or Fire Therapy" now change to the NEW address: 180 Route d'Arlon L-8010 Strassen (Stroossen) LUXEMBOURG, near McDonald's. Bus stop of Barble, bus No. 28,

To pick up your order for the Hemp CBD Oil and other Natural Products, please go to this new address!

9 June 2016 (18:00-20:00) "Fire Therapy" Explanation and Introduction: if you would like to know more about Fire Therapy, welcome to 180 Route d'Arlon L-8010 Strassen,  LUXEMBOURG!

TCM Tuine, Dr. Luo and Dr. Li

TCM-Tuina change to a New Place

As of 5 June 2016, TCM-Tuina will change to a NEW address (For acupuncture, the place still remain the same):

180 Route d'Arlon L-8010 Strassen (Stroossen) LUXEMBOURG, near McDonald's. Bus stop of Barleé, bus No. 28, 222.

More effectived therapies, such as Moxibustion, Fire Therapy which are good for Detoxification, Chronic Disease and  Prevention will start there!


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