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FREE Consulting & BAZAR (Thanks in different way to support MedChine!!!)


When & Where:

- 17:00 - 20:00 on 7 March 2017 
- 17:00 - 20:00 on 8 March 2017  

At  MedChine (180 Route d’Arlon, L-8010 Strassen Luxembourg).    


18:00 - 20:30 on 16 March 2017  «Tea & Health»
18:00 - 20:30 on 23 March 2017  «Soja & Dou Fu»
18:00 - 20:30 on 30 March 2017  «Nutritional Soup»

Farewell & Wecome Dinner

Farewell Dinner for  Dr. LI Nan & Dr. ZHONG Chong Zheng - Welcome Dinner for Dr. LI Sai - 20 Jan. 2017
In order to say Good Bye and thanks to Dr. Li and Dr. Zhu  and welcome Dr. Li.  MedChine ASBL will organize a dinner on 20 Jan. 2017.

When & Where: 18:30 on 20 Jan. 2017  at Le Zai Chinese Restaurant
Address: 273 Route D'Arlon, Strassen, Luxembourg City L-8011, Luxembourg
Fee: 35Euro per person, not including the drinking.

Spécial Menu

Happy New Year!

2017 MedChine ASBL Membership Fee

Welcome to join MedChine ASBL!
Thanks for your continuing support to renew your membership card!
2017 annually fee is still remain: 50 Euro for 12 months

Beneficiary Bank: BCEE
Beneficiary name: MedChine asbl
IBAN Number: LU40 0019 3655 2323 5000
Mention: 2017 Membership Fee

Chinese New Year Dinner – 27 Jan. 2017  

Chinese New Year 2017 of the Fire Rooster will start on January 28, 2017




Christine will have Twins!

A total of 26 (24+2) babies were born or will be born with the great help of our excellent  TCM experts!

Clinical tests prove, with VIF only, the success rate is 25%, with acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the success rate can be increased to 85%.

Vote for MedChine ASBL, General Meeting


Dear members and friends,
Please vote for MedChine ASBL, your vote may help MedChine win this Awards which can let us help more people! Please forward this link to your friends of TCM Fan. We need all of your support !


2016 MedChine ASBL General Meeting

Vote / Bio Organic Black Rice / Farewell Dinner

ING Solidarity Awards - we need your vote!
Dear members and friends, every year ING organize public vote for the“ING Solidarity Awards”. Please go to below link, vote for MedChine ASBL, and thank you very much for your support!

Thai Bio-Organic Black Rice Arrived

Moon Festival Dinner & TCM Experts’ Advice

Welcome to join MedChine ASBL “Moon Festival Dinner”!

Listen to TCM experts’ advice: Health Care in Autumn-Winter;   Enjoy delicious healthy food and meet nice people...

When & Where: Thursday, 15 September 2016 at La Porte de L’orient (196, route dArlon, L-8010 Stassen). Parking are available!

-18:00-18:30 Health Care in Autumn-Winter

-18:45 Dinner

Chinese delegation visited Luxembourg 1 to 3 September 2016.


Professor Jianzhong MA, vice commissioner of SATCM leaded a Chinese delegation visited Luxembourg 1 to 3 September 2016. On the 2 September, they visited MedChine ASBL.

MedChine is looking for a New Place

MedChine ASBL is looking to rent a house in/around Luxembourg city.  The rent can be up to 3000Euro/month, our TCM Expert guests can help our members there and stay there.

If you or your friends know such a place, please contact us:

Thank you very much for your help and support!


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