Jia Zhuang Tong / 甲狀通

Original Name: Jia Zhuang Tong / 甲狀通

Tonifies the Liver and Kidney, nourishes Qi, Yin, Yang, moves blood, clears heat, resolves phlegm Unblocks the secretion of thyroid hormones in the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis (HPA axis), detoxifies the thyroid gland, improves immune defence, promotes overall bodily functions

Excess or deficient thyroid conditions

Key symptoms and signs for use:
Hypothyroidism: hair loss, bulging eyes, sweating, goitre, tachycardia, difficulty sleeping, heat intolerance, irritability, infertility, muscle weakness, nervousness, scanty menstruation, weight loss, frequent bowel movements, warm moist palms, hand tremors, soft nails

Hyperthyroidism: dry coarse hair, dry skin, loss of eyebrow hair, puffy face, goitre, bradycardia, arthritis, cold intolerance, depression, fatigue, forgetfulness, heavy periods, infertility

Clinical application for reference:
muscle aches, weight gain, constipation, brittle nails
Thyroid nodules
Grave’s disease
Proptosis (protruding eyes)