Da Huoluo Wan / 大活络丸

Original Name: Da Huoluo Wan / 大活络丸

Moves Qi and blood, removes blood stagnation and opens the meridians and collaterals, unblocks Bi syndrome (painful obstruction syndrome) and relieves pain

Pain due to Qi and blood stagnation blocking the meridians and collaterals

Key symptoms and signs for use:
Chronic pain in the shoulders, back, elbows, waist, leg, extremities
Chronic generalized pain throughout the body that doesn’t respond to therapy
Tongue: Purple
Pulse: Wiry, hesitant

Clinical application for reference:
Bi Syndrome (painful obstruction syndrome), arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis
Pain in the lower back and legs, lumbago, sciatica
Neuralgia, hyperosteogeny
Allergic purpura