Lose Weight Project

In- Acupuncture (also called long-term acupuncture therapy -LTAT)

Why choose In- Acupuncture?

There are many weight loss methods. How can you make a healthy choice?

(1) To go on a diet, exercise with proper calorie control is a basic and important measure to treat the obesity.

Choosing low fat and low calorie food and exercises to burn excess calories can achieve the weight loss goal.  This method takes a long time to get results and is suitable for strong-willed obese people. Surveys show that too much dieting can cause nutrition imbalance.

(2) Pharmaceutical therapy is suitable for those obese people that have followed a diet programme with exercises and who did not get any positive result.

Commonly used medicine include appetite depressants, lipase depressants, hemocyanin, anti-adrenalin A and so on.

Today there are many anti-obesity drugs available, some of which are effective, but when the drugs are stopped, weight gain is quick. Sometimes, these drugs can cause side effects such as dizziness, asthenia and diarrhea. Therefore anti-obesity drugs should be used under a doctor's instruction and be used for short-term treatment only.

(3) Anti-obesity SURGERY. Popular surgical intervention at the present include a fat attracting operation, stomach and intestine reconstructions and so on.  More often than not surgery allows fat patients to see the immediate weight loss result that they are eager to achieve, but the procedure is painful, damage is relatively extensive and complications may occur.

(4) TCM Anti-obesity therapies, including anti-obesity TCM Pharmaceutical therapy, weight loss acupuncture, detox therapy and so on.

Over the past few years, TCM Anti-obesity therapies are more and more recognized for not having side or poisonous effects, no wounds or surgery damage and with long-lasting results and weight gain diminished. TCM anti-obesity therapies are more and more welcomed on the weight-loss market, and it is likely that TCM Anti-obesity therapies will in future become the mainstream for healthy weight loss.

Years ago, when people first started to use acupuncture for weight loss, they not only had to use needles but also had to spend one to two hours in the clinic every day. As this was time-consuming, it was difficult for people to persist. The result was that it was not easy to reach the desired weight loss.

What is In-Acupuncture Therapy?

In-Acupuncture technique is an extension of the conventional acupuncture, a meridian therapy.  The doctor selects a group of acupuncture points based on the different individual variance, symptoms and obese mechanism of the patient, and inserts a very small portion (1cm) of the dissolvable protein suture threads into certain body acupuncture points in order to stimulate the acupuncture points 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, cleaning the channels and collaterals.  Once the suture is inserted into the skin, it is absorbed slowly by the human body, giving the acupuncture points physiological, physical and biochemical stimulus for up to 15 days or longer, with such an on-going positive stimulus, the local micro-circulation of the human body readjusts and repairs itself.

Because of this stimulation, the blood circulation and lymphatic return in the human body is improved, accelerating metabolism locally, sensitizing lymphocytes and producing various lymphokines, thus giving the acupoints continuous physical and bio-chemical stimulation which can generate a series of bio-chemical reactions to the local body tissue, or even systemic reactions to improve the stress response abilities of the human body, to stimulate the immune functions of the human body, and regulate the functions of the relevant internal organs.

On the one hand, it inhibits the appetite hyper-function and the absorption of the digestive system of the patient, and on the other hand, it stimulates the patient’s autonomic nervous system (sympathetic nerve) that has become slow to increase calorie burn-up/breakdown and internal steatolysis in the body. It has the same effect as having acupuncture and massage every day.

It is fat and not water within the body that is lost which guarantees that during the weight loss process the patient's body is healthy and very energetic, and the weight regain ratio is minimal.

The efficiency of In-Acupuncture has been proved by over 20 years of clinical practice. It is simple, painless, safe and does not leave any skin scars. It is suitable for all age group. The treatment does not interfere with normal life, work and physical exercises.

TREATMENT PLAN 1 session per week, during 2 months. (4 times of In-Acupuncture: first, third, fifth, seventh week; 4 times of Detox-cupping: second, fourth, sixth, eighth week)


-Patients should NOT bathe or shower on the day on which they received In-acupuncture. (They can bathe and shower on the second day). 

-Local tingling, feelings of swelling are normal reactions from the stimulation of the sutures. These will disappear in 1 to 3 days.

-Women should take care not to have this therapy during menstruation or pregnancy. If in any doubt, they should consult the doctor.

-Patients should have a light diet after having the In-Acupuncture treatments, avoid wind and cold, keep in good spirits, remember the time of the next treatment and finish the prescribed course of treatment on time.