Silk quilt has the reputation of "fiber queen", “Second Skin”! 


Compare with quilts made of other materials, natural high-quality 100% of silk quilts have many advantages: 
It is breathable, moisture-permeable, can adjust temperature according to body temperature, high warmth retention, light, skin-friendly, does not generate static electricity, Can be used for more than 20 years without agglomeration and no mites.
Specially can improve sleep quality, anti-allergic and lots more of other health benefits.
If you would like to order one for you or people you love, please contact us! 
Specification100% high quality mulberry silk quilt & pillow
Child:       1.2 m x 1.5 m,      Price: 128€    White or Pink.    Pillow: 35€
Single:     1.5 m x .2.0 m,     Price: 188€    White or Pink.    Pillow: 40€
Double:    2.2 m x 2.4 m,     Price: 248€    White or Pink.     Pillow: 80€/ a pair