Three-Fu Paste Therapy and more

Three-Fu Paste Therapy (Summer Treatment for Winter Diseases)

Three-Fu Paste starts soon in Strassen, click here to make appointment:

Function Food Cooking Course (Summer functional appetizers and hot dishes)

When: 4, 25 July 2017 18:30-21:30
Where: Bld Prince Henri, L-1724

Fee: 80Euro (MedChine member) 100Euro (Non MedChine member)

Registration: (before 30 June 2017)

Payment: BIC Code BCEELULL
IBAN Number LU40 0019 3655 2323 5000

MedChine continue to help members to order Hemp CBD Oil & other Health Products with NO charges!!!

“New” Moxibustion Paste No fire, No smoke, Simple, Safe and Effective!

The Hemp extract (Cannabidiol-CBD) are well known: Anti inflammatory, Anti-pain, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal functions !

Organic Gouqi Berry And very important: natural way to dry,  maximum keep the all vitamin and nutrition! 

Tian Qi Drinking Medical Experts say: "The length of the life depends on whether your blood vessels are healthy!"

Organic Jujube (Jujube also known as red dates)
In China, there is a proverb: "three dates a day, you will not age". Chinese call Jujube "natural vitamin pills, natural Iron tablets”.

All above products’s health benefits, please check:

To order: send a e-mail:


Christine Li will have Twins (a girl & a boy) in December 2017!

A total of 28 (26+2) babies were born or will born with the great help of our excellent TCM experts!
Clinicaly approved: VIF only, the success rate is 25%, combine with acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the success rate can be increased to 85%.


Wish all of you a nice Summer Holiday!