Hemp CBD Oil


The Hemp extract (CBD) are well known as Number 1 of Anti inflammatory, Anti-pain, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal functions in nature !

8% CBD 1, 800 mg in 10 ml / bottle
18% CBD 2, 1800 mg in 10 ml / bottle
36% CBD 2+, 3600 mg in 10 ml / bottle

Instructions for use

Oral intake & Recommended daily doses

- Hemp CBD-1: well-being, preventive: 2 times/ day, each time: 2-3 drops
- Hemp CBD-2: chronic pain, various diseases (Morbus Crohn, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, stress, depression, u. a.): 3 times/day, each time: 3-5 drops
- Hemp CBD 2+: polyarthritis, cancer (breast, prostate, brain tumor, etc.): 3 times/ day, each time: 6-10 drops

Use the dropper to introduce the desired number of drops under your tongue, wait few minutes and rinse down with a glass of water or fruit juice.

Use as an Ointment

Hemp CBD Oil can also be used as ointments to treat wounds. Apply thin layer of extract and cover with wound dressing.

The wide spectrum of bioactivities of CBD is surprising. You can see among all the compounds, CBD has the mostly benefits for the health conditions.

Which medical conditions can CDB be helpful for?