Health Related Course

MedChine ASBL will organize “Health Related Course”, it will start soon and include 3 parts: 

Health = Correct Exercising + Prevention + Proper Diet

I: 12 meridians and Health Qi Gong, 10 hours

Meridians Qigong and Ba Duan Jin are the easiest Qigong. They suit for all group of people, have effective results for prevention and chronic diseases.
It can keep meridians open, relate and reflect on the organs (heart, stomach, liver, spleen, lung, kidney). 
Practice them can be dramatically improve health condition and enhance the organs’ function.

Every Wednesday evenings, 18:00 – 20:00 

II: Three Jiao  (whole body health) and Ear Acupuncture, Shi Tong Therapy & Head Therapy, 20 hours

Learn the technique and practice the skill for prevention, resuscitation and treatment for the simple symptoms.

Every Wednesday evenings, 18:00– 20:00 following the Part I Qigong course.

III. Functional Food and Functional Tea, 10 hours

Food is medicine! Take correctly, can benefit for your good health!

Every Wednesday evenings, 18:00 – 20:00 after the Part II course.

Where: MedChine office in Strassen

If you would like to attend the course,  please contact us: 

via mail:

Or Phone: 621 59 11 57

We are looking forward to see you at start of class!

MedChine ASBL